About Ashley

Ashley Miller is evo's GM of Giving Back and evoTrip, a position that combines some of the things she loves the most: building community, exposing people to new cultures, ideas and places, making a difference and eating really good food.

Ashley is a Seattle-area native and attended the University of Washington, where she was elected Vice President of UW's undergraduate student government.

Ashley started her professional career at the Service Board in 2006 as the Administrative Assistant. She served in roles ranging from in-house chef to Director of Development, and she was the Executive Director from 2008 through the fall of 2014.

In 2012, Ashley was awarded Outstanding Supervisor for Mentorship by the University of Washington School of Social Work, and she continues to actively build her skills as a servant-leader.

Ashley is also active in the community outside of her professional work; she serves as a member of the Youth Development Executives of King County Advisory Board, is a member of AFP Washington, currently volunteers with the Children’s Alliance and is a graduate of Leadership Tomorrow's class of 2011.

In her free time, Ashley enjoys falling down mountains, playing basketball and singing – whether to herself or on the karaoke stage.

Listen to what her friends and family have to say about Ashley

  • Always mission-focused, nimble and truly herself - I hope to be the leader that she is some day and I wish that every non-profit could be so fortunate to have an Executive Director of her caliber.
    Jody Waits, YouthCare Director of Development and Communications
  • She's always positive. She's always smiling. She's always a glass half-full kind of person.
    Patrick de Armas, Electric Coffin Studio
  • She will listen to you. If you're feeling like you need someone to talk to, she'll put everything down and talk to you and be there for you.
    Mylinh Bui, the Service Board alumna
  • Ashley is enthusiastic for life and everything in it, and that enthusiasm is infectious.
    Tyler Adams, Newsvine.com Director of Community

Ashley is a multi-talented executive

Ashley has a wide range of organizational capabilities, and she is a motivated leader with the capability to cultivate community.

Ashley led the Service Board from struggle to success

the Service Board is a Seattle nonprofit that mentors teens to overcome personal and cultural challenges through public service and outdoor adventure. As Executive Director, Ashley led tSB from a position of financial distress to one of surplus, she enlisted the help of the tSB community to consolidate and strengthen youth programming and she and her staff took bold steps to implement current best practices, program quality assessment and track outcomes to ensure the continued health of the organization.